Leconnector tries to exchange the points of view of the different people I’m lucky to talk to everyday. I try to reconnect people by showing to some of them how others see things.

I chose the language for each post according to what I believe to be the most adequate target public. As a Brazilian living in France, I tend to write in Portuguese most often, and my assumption of the best target public might, of course, be wrong sometimes. So if you think a given post deserves to be translated, you can:

  • ask me for publishing a translation;
  • write a translation yourself and send it to me for revision and publication;
  • publish the translation yourself (I’d be grateful if you cite leconnector.wordpress.com in your blog) – and in that case I’ll only complain if I notice a translation mistake that compromises the content.

I won’t translate all my posts. A secondary objective of Leconnector is to motivate everybody to learn new idioms. You know, every idiom you learn opens a door to a completely new universe.

I hope you enjoy your reading

kikuti (a) gmail.com



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