Distributing Syrian immigrants in a coherent way

A number of governments of developed countries has recently declared to accept immigrants from Syria. Now France and Germany propose obligatory quotas to be defined on European countries. But how to define the quotas?

In support to the European spirit, Leconnector’s proposition is based on the “Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council“. That directive doesn’t concern immigrants, but rather electrical and electronic waste. Why we choose that one to calculate our quotas? Because, interestingly, it states

(20) Users of electrical and electronic equipment from private households should have the possibility of returning WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) at least free of charge. Producers should therefore finance collection from collection facilities, and the treatment, recovery and disposal of WEEE. In order to give maximum effect to the concept of producer responsibility, each producer should be responsible for financing the management of the waste from his own products

Now that’s very coherent, indeed: clean the mess you just made. For the sake of mankind, in the end. What if we apply the “concept of producer responsibility” to the arms market? Each weapon producer should be responsible for a number of refugees according to its production. Very simple! The SIPRI Arms Transfers Database shows how the top 15 arms exporting countries shared their market in 2014:

Top15 arms exporting countries

And that’s exactly how we defined the quotas. We used the same way to cut the pie so that the discussions in the next U.N. meeting should be brief. As an example, for 1 million immigrants:

Country Number of refugees it should receive
United States 381841
Russia 223658
China 74091
France 44949
Germany 41578
United Kingdom 40566
Israel 40229
Spain 30865
Italy 29442
Ukraine 24872
Netherlands 21014
Sweden 14758
Switzerland 13110
Turkey 10263
Canada 8765

As you can see, Turkey is way over its expected number in this case. However, how to make Switzerland accept 13 thousands immigrants in one shot is not within the scope of this post.



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